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A little more than a week after a recount confirmed his opponent as victor and a panel of judges threw out a separate legal challenge to the Nov. 6 election, incumbent Bruce W. Tyler has conceded the closely fought contest to insurance broker Jonathan T. Baliles, a former city employee and son of former Gov. Gerald L. Baliles.   Link

One political observer sees it as a major win for the mayor who he believes will be calling the shots over the next four years.   Link

The judges agreed with an argument raised by Baliles’ lawyers, who were led by former Virginia Attorney General Anthony F. Troy, which held that a provision of the Richmond City Charter grants jurisdiction over contests of council elections to the City Council.    Link

In a lunchroom inside the Richmond Circuit Court clerks’ office crowded by lawyers, election officials and observers, the results of the District 1 Richmond City Council race are being recounted today in painstaking detail.   Link

Richmond City Councilman Bruce W. Tyler, who was declared the loser in the Nov. 6 election for the 1st District by a 22-vote margin, will head to court this month for a recount.

In a separate action, Tyler is also alleging that nearly three dozen voters were disenfranchised in the election he narrowly lost to former city employee Jonathan Baliles, an insurance broker and son of former Gov. Gerald L. Baliles, in the closely fought contest for the seat representing the city’s West End.   Link

Bruce Tyler has filed a lawsuit against Jonathan Baliles, contesting the general election in Richmond’s first district. Tyler’s lawsuit claims there were several irregularities in the election and that several voters were disenfranchised.    Link

The recount, which will be paid by the city because the margin of victory was less than half a percentage point, will take place Dec. 19 in Richmond Circuit Court.   Link

Richmond City Councilman Bruce Tyler filed a lawsuit in Richmond Circuit Court contesting the outcome of the November election. Tyler lost the 1st District race by 22 votes to challenger Jon Baliles. The civil lawsuit named Baliles as the lawsuit’s contestee.   Link

There are still some strong allegations being made about the recent election.   Link

First District City Councilman Bruce W. Tyler says he will call for a recount after the certification of his narrow Election Day defeat to insurance broker Jonathan Baliles.