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After closely guarding the year-end crime numbers and refusing several requests for an interview to discuss the numbers, the Richmond Police Department suddenly released the figures to the media after 5 p.m. on Friday in an email.  Link

Police Chief Bryan Norwood discussed the recent violence of a double shooting in Church Hill Wednesday night and additional crime fighting efforts.

Although VCU maintains its own police force, responsibility for ensuring public safety ultimately rests with the city of Richmond.

You’ll see a lot of neighborhood watch signs posted in one neighborhood on Richmond’s Southside, but, a woman who lives on that side of town says it’s tough to watch anything in her community these days.

“I wouldn’t dare walk in the dark,” says Tina Tune.  She said there isn’t adequate lighting to illuminate her street.

As of press time Monday, Richmond has seen 36 homicides for the year, which practically guarantees the city will end the year with more homicides than in 2011. With more than two months to go, it could be significantly more, which likely will have political ramifications. There’s a reason the mayor summoned the television cameras last week.

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones and law enforcement officials expressed concern today over the recent number of killings and said there is no “common thread” to explain the increase.

Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones said he expected the city’s 2012 homicide rate to increase past that of 2011. The mayor and police chief addressed this issue during a Tuesday press conference.

Richmond’s September homicide numbers have caught the attention of city leadership.

Richmond Police say violent incidents and property crimes are up in neighborhoods on both sides of the river. They believe the bigger problems in Sector 112 last month happened in the south side.

A Dinwiddie Avenue resident, Williams contacted CBS-6 a week ago, angry that it took a shooting practically in her front yard for police to listen to complaints from her and other neighbors about suspected drug activity and reckless behavior that had increased in recent months.