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“The parents and the taxpayers deserve to have honest statistics,” Goldman said. “This wasn’t just by accident. They’ve been doing this for years.”

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The application does not propose a location for the school but cites a need for a building that is accessible to students and provides 25,000 to 30,000 square feet of space, including room for classrooms, science and computer labs, offices and a conference room. The school would rely on per-pupil funding from the school system, special-education funding from the state, plus a $150,000 first-year loan and $35,000 in fundraising over three years.

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City of Richmond, Virginia

On Aug. 11, 2010 the first public charter elementary school in Virginia, Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts, opened for classes to provide an education for 150 students, kindergarten through fifth grade.

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The 2010 proposed legislation opposed by the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus would have shifted the authority to approve a charter school from a locally elected school board to the state board of education appointed by the governor. It was modified to provide for an initial application to the state board and then submission to the local board for its approval. The state board is required to provide technical assistance to applicants seeking approval of a charter school.

Legislation proposed by Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and approved by the 2010 General Assembly increases the level of state support and guidance in the development of charter schools in Virginia to ensure that local school boards receive quality charter school proposals.  timesdispatch.com