For my money, Kanawha Plaza is in worse condition than Monroe Park, which has garnered far more attention amid a plan by the city to lease it to a nonprofit conservancy. A city shouldn’t have to relinquish control of its parks to maintain them. Link

Will it even be a market?

Like many city projects being planned, the proposal to turn the market site into a more versatile, open plaza was originally timed to be completed before Richmond hosts the UCI Road World Championships. Link

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I’ve seen bus depots in Third-World countries with better amenities than this sad situation. Link

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced Friday that he will pursue a $10 million federal grant to advance the third and final phase of the renovation of Main Street Station. Link

And with enrollment on the rise again after years of decline, the call for more classroom space is getting louder. Link

In the city, the approach for decades has been deflection and denial. The state of schools got so bad by last year, officials put together a 10-year, $104.7 million list to show backlogged routine maintenance. No one paid much attention. Link

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Land Use Committee Meeting
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The latest budget proposal from Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones offers no new money for the implementation of the city’s Riverfront Plan, which has raised concern among outdoor groups about what the lack of funding could mean for projects such as the Brown’s Island dam walk.  Link

The Virginia Senate this month passed a bill that would allow the city of Fredericksburg to capture additional revenue from its planned minor league baseball complex.

State law allows certain localities, including Fredericksburg, to retain a portion of state sales tax revenues generated at public facilities such as minor league baseball stadiums to help pay off the bonds issued to build them. Link

The investors in the planned Fredericksburg minor league baseball complex plan to purchase the land in February, break ground in March and have the facility ready for the start of the 2015 season.

The stadium project itself, estimated at $29 million, is being built with private funds. Fredericksburg is providing an array of tax reimbursements to the partners to help cover the debt service on the complex. Link