[An estimate] pegged the cost of replacing the roof at $140,000.

In a presentation to the School Board this week, Chief Operations Officer Tommy Kranz, who joined the school system after the estimate was submitted, said the real cost will be $378,200. Link

The time for Band-aids has ended, it is time for “real surgery.” Link

Several council members touted the proposal, introduced in October, as a way for the officials responsible for budgeting to gain a better understanding the funding needs of a school system desperate for a turnaround. Some on the School Board took offense, characterizing it as an unnecessary infringement on the responsibilities of those elected to oversee the schools. Link

The smell started after spring break and according to school officials, they originally thought it was related to an infestation of rodents recently exterminated. Now they think it may be sewage. Link

Jones, Dwight Jones 04

You were unhappy with what you heard from the mayor when he asked you into City Hall to talk. How come?

Arias: I don’t feel like we were talked to as he would talk to an adult. We were basically ignored, and all of our questions, he talked around. … He was more interested in commercial development than education development.

About 150 Open High School students protested poor school conditions in Richmond in a march on City Hall this morning and won a meeting with Mayor Dwight C. Jones. Link

Hard feelings between the Richmond City Council and School Board were laid bare Wednesday as a council committee advanced a plan to formally request cooperation from the School Board in creating a three-year improvement plan. Link

Question: What’s the biggest obstacle to providing academically and structurally sound schools to all children in Richmond, no matter where they live? How do you overcome it?

Cynthia I. Newbille, City Council, 7th District No response received.

Reva M. Trammell, City Council, 8th District No response received.

Michelle R. Mosby, City Council, 9th District No response received.


CBS 6 obtained a copy of the lengthy inspection report and it shows numerous violations, including an accumulation of trash … foundation walls not properly maintained as well as handrails and guardrails in disrepair. If the problems are not fixed in 30 days, according to the report, the school system will be charged $2500 per violation, per day, plus court fees.

The Richmond Superintendent of Schools says it is time to stop “patching” outdated buildings. The announcement comes as students at Fairfield Court Elementary School are being relocated because of repeated roof leaks. Link