According to court documents obtained by CBS 6, during a hearing last month, Walle says Trammell called her on the phone, telling her that Graziano had referred to Walle as a “tease” and that she enjoyed what David [Hathcock] did to her.

Now, the city has questions for Trammel about that alleged phone call, but Trammel says she does not want to get involved in the case, so she hired Morchower.

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Hayden Fisher, Walle’s attorney, says he doesn’t know whether the EEOC has begun an investigation into Walle’s original complaint, or whether the newest complaint would be treated “separately, or jointly.”

Fisher says that Walle was told of Graziano’s alleged comment by Councilwoman Reva Trammell following a February City Council meeting.

But Tramell denies ever having spoken with Walle directly about the allegations involving Hathcock or Graziano. “We’ve never spoken about her case,” she said shortly after Thursday night’s Council meeting.

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