Samuels-Tyler Nose Ordinances
City of Richmond, Virginia
2011 Aug 27

This report examines the public comments made by Richmond City Council members during the drafting and adoption of two noise ordinances.  It identifies well over 100 manipulative, false, inaccurate, misleading, contradictory, unsupported or absurd representations or positions.

Council members Charles Samuels and Bruce Tyler were the principal advocates for the 2010 ordinance.  They were also the principal drafters of the 2011 ordinance.

City Council did not actually assign anyone to research or draft either ordinance.

The City of Virginia Beach took 25 days to adopt its current ordinance. The City of Richmond took 550 days. Richmond’s first attempt was so badly flawed that the court rejected it in a highly critical decision.

City Council engaged in a secretive and wasteful approach and produced an extremely permissive and flawed noise ordinance.

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