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Amount does not include city internal expenses.

The city has spent $506,798 on contracts with outside vendors for surveys, studies and other consulting and legal work. Link

Though Richmonders have generally applauded the plan to revamp the 17th Street Farmers’ Market by turning it into a European-style open plaza, some members of the Urban Design Committee were uneasy about paving over historic streets. Link

Notice of meeting cancellation sent after meeting due to begin:

From: “Skinner, Steven R. – Council Chief of Staff Office” <Steven.Skinner@richmondgov.com>
To: “Skinner, Steven R. – Council Chief of Staff Office” <Steven.Skinner@richmondgov.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2014 4:09 PM
Subject: Canceled/Rescheduled: Richmond City Council Slave Trail Commission meetings to be held

Canceled: Thursday, July 10, 2014; 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Hanson is proposing innovative ideas that can modernize The Diamond at far less cost and still keep an iconic structure some consider a potential national landmark. Link

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It’s going to take longer than originally expected to fix Richmond’s troubled Department of Social Services. The man tapped to examine the issues for an original six-month time period, has now been named the agency director. Link

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At a time when residents’ involvement should be at its highest, ignorance is the norm, especially in Richmond. Link

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I’ve seen bus depots in Third-World countries with better amenities than this sad situation. Link

I believe upgrading the Diamond may be the most cost-effective, pro-Richmond, future-oriented move we can make. We can add suites and other amenities like a tarp-like roof to turn it into an all-purpose arena at times. Link

Monday’s vote went against planning department staff’s recommendation that the project be denied for failing to comply with the commission’s 2-year-old stance against “windowless” apartments. The commission previously defined windowless units as those without eye-level windows cut out on a building’s exterior walls. Link

The vote was 5-1. Commission Chairman Rodney M. Poole was the sole no vote, saying he could not give his blessing to a business owner whom he said was intentionally violating the rules for what hours musicians could perform laid out in a previous permit. Link