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Hard feelings between the Richmond City Council and School Board were laid bare Wednesday as a council committee advanced a plan to formally request cooperation from the School Board in creating a three-year improvement plan. Link

Increased security at the mayor’s home overnight has caused a storm of outrage and some are calling for the security to be taken away.

Every area that media members were led through was covered in construction dust, and furnishings were nonexistent in many areas and sparse in others, even though Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ office had touted the event as a tour of a “newly constructed” facility that was “on the cusp of opening.”

City planning staff told White in August that it couldn’t recommend approval of the development for numerous reasons.

But by January, planners had softened their stance. Link

In a letter submitted to the city, a group of city residents organized under the banner of River View Advocates is urging Richmond’s Planning Commission and City Council to reject the special use permit requested by developers David White and Louis Salomonsky for a 16-story high-rise at the end of Tobacco Row and in front of Libby Hill Park. The developers call their project “The James at River’s Bend.” Link

On Tuesday, Skinner directed questions about safety and firearm policy to the mayor’s press secretary, saying that the administration oversees the safety of the council chambers.

Tammy D. Hawley, the mayor’s press secretary, directed questions back to Skinner.

Tonight, I will explain why his Stadium proposal fails not a black or white test: but the green test for all Richmonders except certain politically connected cronies of the Jones/Hicks/Marsh machine who have their eyes on $100 millions in potential greenbacks they hope will be doled out in a fashion to be exposed for the first time tonight. Link

This is the latest discovery in a saga that has seen RRHA plagued by controversy for months. According to sources right now, the Bar and federal officials are investigating on multiple fronts. They include allegations of Michelle Waller’s possible unauthorized practice of law and her possible representation of a federally subsidized agency without the proper licensure. Link

Transcript of video showing citizen being questioned and removed from City Council meeting.


[camera pans up to Skinner]
0:00:00 Dorsey: definitely . yeah I’m I’m Chris Dorsey: . I work in media . I’ve worked in with Presstv America . I have a blog . I have a Facebook page . I’m exercising my First Amendment right
[camera pans left and back]
0:00:12 I document what
0:00:13 Skinner:: [unintelligible]
0:00:16 Dorsey: well I work with Silver Persinger
0:00:17 Skinner: so you’re sitting up here as with Silver
0:00:19 Dorsey: I’m of course with Silver . I’m with
0:00:21 Skinner: so you’re representing Silver
0:00:23 Dorsey: I’m representing myself .
0:00:26 Skinner: you’re representing yourself
0:00:26 Dorsey: I always represent myself
0:00:27 Skinner: as a
0:00:28 Dorsey: who do you represent
0:00:28 Skinner: member of the media
0:00:29 Dorsey: who are you representing
0:00:30 Skinner: you represent a
0:00:31 Dorsey: who are you representing
0:00:32 Skinner: Richmond city Council
0:00:33 Dorsey: what is your name
0:00:33 Skinner: my name is Steve Skinner:
0:00:35 Dorsey: okay . who are you representing
0:00:37 Skinner: Chris
0:00:39 Dorsey: yes
0:00:39 Skinner: there’s no need to be challenged about this
0:00:40 Dorsey: no I’m not being challenged . I’m being exact
0:00:42 Skinner: no
0:00:43 Dorsey: I have a First Amendment right
0:00:44 Skinner: this is for media . where the media sits
0:00:46 Dorsey: right . I’m media
0:00:47 Skinner: are you . again what exactly part of the media are you with
0:00:50 Dorsey: I’m with the part of the media where I report
[camera pans left and back to Skinner]
0:00:54 Dorsey: what goes on with the city Council
0:00:57 Skinner: to . and what format is that
0:00:58 Dorsey: Youtube . Facebook . Presstv America . RVA Free Press
0:01:06 Skinner: you’re
0:01:06 Dorsey: my my infinite right to free speech . I mean I I’m not sure what the problem is here man
0:01:12 Skinner: ’cause this is reserved for members of the media
0:01:14 Dorsey: right and I’m just explaining to you over and over again that I am with the media . I’m not I’m not sure what you don’t get about that . hold on . Silver . can you come here . I’m starting to be harassed and threatened by this man right here . he’s entering my space
0:01:28 Persinger: he’s a member of the media
[camera pans back and forth to Persinger and Skinner]
0:01:30 Dorsey: yeah
0:01:30 Skinner: how how is he a member of the media
0:01:31 Persinger: he’s he’s a blogger . he’s a YouTuber
0:01:35 Skinner: okay
0:01:36 Dorsey: yeah I’ve already explained to you . can you can you please step away from me . you you’re threatening me . you’re in my space
0:01:40 Skinner: yeah
0:01:41 Dorsey: you you your hand is
[camera tilts down to Skinner's hands]
0:01:42 Skinner: are you are you threatening me with your gun . did you put your hand toward your gun
0:01:45 Dorsey: I’m not I’m not I’m I’m
0:01:45 Skinner: did you motion toward . you pointed to your gun
0:01:47 Dorsey: no I pointed actually
0:01:48 Skinner: you pointed to your gun
0:01:49 Dorsey: no I absolutely did not
0:01:50 Skinner: you’re gonna have to be removed
0:01:51 Dorsey: no I’m not . I I have videotape recording . I pointed to your hand . I I need I need you over here Silver
0:02:01 Skinner: I think he needs to be removed from chambers
0:02:04 Dorsey: Silver
0:02:05 unknown: Mr. Dorsey:
0:02:05 Dorsey: hey I’ve got videotape evidence . we can we can get into this again
0:02:08 unknown: ssssh Mr. Dor
0:02:09 Dorsey: I’ve got videotape evidence that that I
0:02:11 unknown: [unintelligible]
0:02:11 Dorsey: this man was in my space and I
0:02:13 unknown: okay
0:02:13 Dorsey: was pointing to his hand to display that on video . do not touch me
0:02:17 unknown: gentleman said the man pointed to a gun
0:02:19 Dorsey: that is incorrect and I have videotape to prove that that is incorrect
0:02:22 unknown2: [unintelligible] step out here
[camera moving quickly; noise; person in distance talking loudly]

A failed candidate for sheriff was forcibly removed from City Council Chambers and then carried out of the building on his back by three uniformed police officers. Another man’s refusal to yield during a public comment session led City Council President Charles Samuels to order the packed meeting into recess. When the meeting was reconvened a subsequent speaker called Samuels a “dingo.”