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The rental inspections would apply in special districts created by the city with a high volume of renters and a risk of blight. As envisioned, the program would focus on student-heavy historic neighborhoods such as the Fan District, Oregon Hill, Jackson Ward and Carver, but the exact districts would be drawn later by city officials. Link

The city of Richmond has agreed to pay $12,000 to settle alleged violations of Clean Water Act regulations that protect waterways from polluted stormwater runoff. Link

“All this resolution asks the EDA to do is to find out what it would take to consolidate the property known as the Loving pieces so we have a better understanding of what it will take to develop the land,” Baliles said.

But the original wording of his resolution went a bit further. The text states that the council believes it’s in the “best interest” of the city for the development authority to “make efforts to acquire the land in question” and develop it for commercial enterprise. Link

Also, Why is a Richmond City Councilman playing Donald Trump?

The absence of any facilities for passengers has left people waiting for buses exposed to the elements or huddled in nearby doorways to avoid heat and rain. Link

The three-day collegiate bicycling championships in May cost city police $242,000 in overtime expenses, records show, contributing to a $1.1 million budget overrun the department projects for fiscal year 2014. Link

For my money, Kanawha Plaza is in worse condition than Monroe Park, which has garnered far more attention amid a plan by the city to lease it to a nonprofit conservancy. A city shouldn’t have to relinquish control of its parks to maintain them. Link

Will it even be a market?

Like many city projects being planned, the proposal to turn the market site into a more versatile, open plaza was originally timed to be completed before Richmond hosts the UCI Road World Championships. Link

Phase I: Open the facility.
Phase II: Build the facility!

The transfer plaza was conceived as a two-phase plan. Phase one was the installation of bus bays, signage and modification of local routes to service the plaza. Phase two is the installation of shelters this summer. Link

Tatnall along with his group, Replenish Richmond, started a contest called “Expose the Crappy City Website.” He wants users to find problems on the website, like old information, so he can compile a list and show it to city officials. Link

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, is an excellent role model for other local governments:



Establish Civic Engagement Principles and supporting processes as set forth in the Alexandria Handbook for Civic Engagement (‘Handbook’) to guide the City’s effort to involve the public in the development of public policy, program and planning decisions in the City of Alexandria.

WHEREAS, the City Council in 2012 charged the City Manager’s office with launching a civic engagement initiative to gather information and develop and implement strategies for improving and expanding civic engagement in Alexandria; and Read the rest of this entry »